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Google Pay Saves the Day

Google Pay Saves the Day
Fabio Suffell | 23-07-18

Ever gone out to the shops and left your wallet behind? Well now with Google pay you can pay using your mobile phone.

Earlier this year Google combined Android pay and Google Wallet into one app called Google Pay. You can now store multiple credit cards in this one app and set one of the credit cards as your default card.

Tap to pay

As my Amex card gives me more points than my Visa card it is my default credit card. Paying for goods and services using the NFC or near field communication on your Android phone is now easier than ever. You simply unlock your phone and hold it against the credit card terminal in the store. If that store does not take Amex you simply open Google Pay and select your visa or MasterCard.

Having your credit card conveniently stored on your phone is safer than having it in your wallet as you need to unlock the phone to use the card. It also means that leaving your wallet at home is no longer a major disaster as you can pay with your phone.

Track spending

Another great feature is it allows you to see your most recent transactions. This enables you to keep track of your spending and you can see how much you've been charged.

Encrypted and secured

Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security, using one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures to help keep your account safe.

Tap to earn

Google Pay also enables you to store a lot of your loyalty cards so you can get them out quickly, gain extra points and save a few extra dollars.

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