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Give your email provider a serious wash

Give your email provider a serious wash!!

Give your email provider a serious wash!!
Alex Clark | 31-05-17

With Spam emails getting more annoying (like Vikings singing spam in your local café) and taking up time and money, it’s time to beat it to the punch with Qbit’s Washmail Spam filtering service! Washmail’s advanced Spam detection service blocks shady emails from random companies, or the fake investment schemes trying to take your hard-earned money!

Stats stats stats!!

According to a report by the ACCC run program Scamwatch there were 155,035 reports of scams reported last year. From those reports, 54,068 were Spam, with a total financial loss of $83,563,599 (average loss of $10,000 for businesses). In order to make sure this does not happen to you, here are some quick facts and tips on how best to reduce the chance of being spammed:

  • Filter the word “unsubscribe”

  • Never click links in spam

  • Never open unexpected attachments

  • Don’t download random software

  • Use complicated email addresses

What type of spam is out there?

Here are a few types of spam in use:

  • Malicious SPAM

Email sent with a link or attachment with a hidden virus. E.g. ransomware, which runs when you click on the attachment and infects your computer.

  • Advertising SPAM

The most common SPAM type. Used to Scam users into giving credit card details for nefarious purposes, or flood your bandwidth with constant incoming mail.

  • Job advertisement SPAM

Mostly jobs working from home or random agencies you’ve never been to or applied from.

How much is Washmail?

To have Qbit fight your Spam battle using our Washmail service is $5 per mailbox per month.

How do I get Washmail?

In order to take advantage of Qbit’s spam filtering service, Washmail, contact our acclaimed 15 second response time team on (08) 6364 0600.
Already an existing client? Speak to your Account Manager or send an email to tech support, and we will setup your emails to be scanned by Washmail.


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