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Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries
Fabio Suffell | 12-11-18

On my morning walk this morning, I listened to episode two of Darknet Diaries.  It was a story on how Vtech, a company that makes children's toys and tablets, had very poor IT security and were subsequently hacked. Millions of names and addresses of parents and their children were taken.  

This story reminded me of the article that I wrote in a recent newsletter " Have you been Pwned". The owner of the web site, have you been Pwned, was able to use their database to verify that the company had been breached. 
A timely reminder that you should never use the same password for different applications or services and that a password vault like “Last Pass” is a necessity in this day and age. 

Security needs to be taken very seriously, these are the top ten security musts!

  1. Every password is unique
  2. Use a password vault like LastPass to help
  3. Passwords must be strong, with at least eight characters with letters and symbols
  4. Change your Windows passwords every 90 days
  5. Use two-factor authentication wherever possible
  6. Do not use Facebook or Google to sign into other websites
  7. Do not let your browser save your password
  8. Be suspicious of everything including phone calls
  9. Never change a supplier's bank account without verifying it
  10. Have a payments process that even the CEO is not allowed to override
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