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Cyber Security in the Education Sector

Cyber Security in the Education Sector
Demi B | 20-07-21
There has been a recent attack on the NSW Department of Education IT systems in July. Fortunately, the system was recovered and back online within two days. This happened after Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that schools across Greater Syndey will be adapting an online learning setup for the first week of term 3. 
A lot of schools have been implementing online classes since the dawn of the pandemic. This means that the systems of entire schools with information on millions of students and teachers. That means efforts for security measures must be doubled. Sensitive data such as personal details of children are at stake. Phishing attacks are the most common cyber threat that schools and campuses encounter. 

You might think that cyber criminals would spare schools. However, there have been multiple incidents of cyber-attacks on schools in Australia. The IT systems in the education sector do not only store precious data of students and employees, but also sensitive financial records amongst other valuable information. 

To combat these threats, there are several cyber security measures that can be put into place. 

1. Spam Protection Service 

A filtration system to remove suspicious emails from the inbox can help prevent unsuspecting victims from falling prey to cyber threats. 

2. Anti-Phishing Training 

Actual training for students, teachers, and staff to detect and handle cyber threats is one of the best ways to ensure that they will not fall victim.  

3. Multi Factor Authentication 

Most attacks are out to get passwords, codes, and other information that will allow the hacker to gain access to systems, data storage, or accounts. A way to prevent them from getting in is to have Multi Factor Authentication in place. 

4. Secured Cloud Services 

To avoid any breaches from devices left open in public spaces, it’s best to store data online. This will also help keep the performance of devices at peak by minimising internal storage use. 

5. Reliable IT Support 

Make sure that your institution’s IT system is always in good condition and get help instantly in case any mishaps with cyber security occur. A reliable IT partner can mean the difference between a safety breach and a smooth running system. 

Qbit Computers offer excellent cyber security services suitable for schools, campuses and other establishments in the education sector. Our pool of expert IT engineers are equipped with tools and skills to provide timely and reliable support to prevent cyber threats or quickly recover from cyber-attacks. 

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