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Cyber Security Update

Cyber Security Update
Fabio Suffell | 14-02-18

Already this year, one of our customers has been hit with Crypto Locker. For about two hours they could not access their files while we restored from the backup of the night before.

Please remember to talk about security at your staff meetings and be very wary of any email asking you to click on anything.  We now no longer recommend that anyone uses Remote Desktop to access a work computer from home, as we have seen many RDP breaches. This is a very interesting article from Australian Computer Society Click here.

This is why we are completing Quarterly Security Assessments for all managed services clients. We can tell if an account has been added, we can tell if a user’s permissions have been upgraded.  We do our best through best of bread firewalls and Anti-Virus and user training to stop the breach in the first place. However if they do get in then we can pick it up and shut it down.   

To protect a computer system, your IT company needs to ensure the following, in order of importance – my opinion of course. 

  • User Training
  • Business Grade Firewall – See this month’s special 
  • Anti – Virus
  • Patch management
  • Security Assessment

Please also take the time to talk about it to your Account Managers at Qbit. It is a war and one that the IT industry are currently not winning.

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