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Cut the cord and switch off the phone

Cut the cord and switch off the phone
Fabio Suffell | 30-03-17

There has never been a more exciting time to update your communications technology. With the growth of online use by Australians and users beyond our shores - and with a recent estimate now indicating there are over 3 billion users of the internet around the world - the way in which we communicate and interact is also changing to become more seamless and intuitive.

With the updates to apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that make calls easy and seamless in-app. Social media is all well and good you say, but what does this mean for business? - It’s time to make VOIP calls a foundation of your daily business operations.

Facing up to it

Managed system

 It can feel like a big move to switch from a traditional landline to VOIP.  But it's really easy in practice. What’s more, the advantages of doing so are huge. By using a 3CX Qbit managed system you get all the benefits of 3CX without needing to worry about the logistics of setup and ongoing maintenance.

Big cost saving

The savings for you will be huge. 3CX allows you to do away with the traditional landline. In a world of add-on bundle packages for phone and internet - that quizzically often don’t end up saving you all that much on home and internet - the savings of using 3CX can be huge, and only grow greater as time goes on.

What you need to get the most of out of 3CX

Internet speed (it needs to be fast).

At its core the real challenge comes with internet speed. You need a good internet speed. This is where having a frank conversation with your internet provider is worthwhile. Let them know you are making the switch to 3CX, let them know you do so with value in mind - and ask them upfront what is the best new deal they can offer you to save money and maintain your business with them.

Internet provider (you need a good one)

In complement to speed, you also need a comprehensive internet provider. If you have a bare bones provider of services to you, it could mean you won’t enjoy the support that is ideal for use of VOIP.
Maybe people use audio calls because it is comfortable and familiar, and feel video wouldbe strange and awkward. While this feeling is common, once a business has video calls setup they find all concerns fall away.
Instead of being a nervous experience each time you take a video call, it starts to feel more natural than an audio call. After all, if you are looking to talk to a friend, it is much more engaging to communicate in-person compared to on the phone right? The same applies to video calls.


If you are a drivetime radio host you can get away with doing your job in track suits and a t-shirt. If you are doing video calls to clients more often, it's true you may need to be ready to sort out that bed hair and ensure you’ve business appropriate attire.
Rather than this be a big deal though - nobody this side of James Bond is asking you to get out a Tuxedo for every client call -  often you can just keep a cardigan or jacket spare at the office. If a client is set to call and you know your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt won’t cut it? Whack on a jumper and you’re all set to go.

The tech behind it

Switching from landline to 3CX is really simple. This is especially so when using a service like Qbit’s 3CX. Installed on your computer, the 3CX service and software integrates seamlessly with your computer’s other software, using  an app synced on screen and on your mobile, keep it simple to easily find your contacts and place your call (think of it like your email contact book, but for your phone as well).

With a handset also available - so you can still use 3CX like a traditional handheld or hands-free system when you want to - the service is easy to use, easy to standardise across all staff communications in a business, and easy on upkeep with Qbit always on call to provide servicing and maintenance.
Making a new phone setup the centrepiece of your online presence is vital, and will ensure you stand apart from your competitors. This is something we at Qbit already know and understand.
With our renowned customer support service, every call made to Qbit is answered, on average, in 15 seconds or less. No more long waits, no more annoying elevator music - 15 seconds and you’ll have a real human voice on the other side of the phone!
Using 3CX allows you to communicate with clients and partners more easily, provide an avenue for building stronger working relationships with them, and identify your business as a contemporary and cutting edge provider of modern services to your customers.

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