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Coronavirus Scams

Coronavirus Scams
Fabio Suffell | 30-08-20
The scammers are at it again, using the latest big news event, Coronavirus, to scam millions out of Australian’s.  Scam watch has received over 4,000 scam reports with over 3 million in losses. 


There are some interesting statistics around this. 52% are from phone calls, 20% from emails and 10% from text messages and 5% from Social Media.  So at every turn we need to ensure that our business' are covered.  Can you imagine your company's Facebook page being breached and a false offer being publicized, leading to your customers handing over money under your business name. That would be devastating for your company’s reputation.   

Here are some examples of the scams 

Perth IT Companies are well aware of the risks and have IT solutions to help prevent these types of activities.  So how do we protect our business from scammers? Firstly, we need to educate everyone in the business and we need to ensure that new employees are also educated. Then your company needs to put in place a number of layers of security to ensure that if a password is breached, scammers cannot get into your systems. 

At a recent IT Support Perth forum this was discussed, and these were the recommendations.  

  1. Never give their password to anyone or change it if they have had to for any reason 
  2. Have two-factor authentication on their Microsoft 365 accounts 
  3. Use AuthPoint to protect their Windows Logins 
  4. Their Windows/ M365 password is only used in these places 
  5.  Use some sort of password vault like My Glue to ensure that all passwords are different  
  6. The company is vigilant about removing the accounts of ex-employees 
  7. The company has updated all password since the passwords complexity rules have been implemented. 

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Please also remember the passwords on your extension on your Office Phone System also need to be complicated so that your phones are not breached and used to scam people.  

If you are looking for IT Support in Perth WA then reach out to Qbit. We would love to see if we are a fit for you as an IT Solutions partner.  


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