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Corona Virus Hits NBN and Computer Hardware Availability

Corona Virus Hits NBN and Computer Hardware Availability
Fabio Suffell | 06-05-21
HFC is one of the NBN technologies that has had its fair share of trouble. 

Corona Virus has caused a shortage of the chips used to make the modems. This had led to the NBN to stop taking orders for HFC connections till the end of May. Qbit can still quote and supply all the varieties of NBN but there will be a delay on the install of the HCF connections.

At Qbit we have noticed that all the manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the orders that we are placing for equipment. We are keeping a range of common desktops and laptops and have even put together a special for you this month. If you are after a PC and have specific requirements, please order early so that you get it in time. Some of the higher end models are taking 4 to 6 weeks to arrive at Qbit.

As always, account managers are there to help our existing clients with the supply of all the hardware and solution requirements.

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