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Cloud Computing Upgrades for 2021

Cloud Computing Upgrades for 2021
Demi B | 20-01-21
Every time you read an article about tech trends for 2021, it is guaranteed that cloud storage and remote work will always be mentioned. It cannot be helped. This is a monumental change brought about by the events of 2020.
The work setup had a sudden drastic change which pushed technology to come up with solutions to allow businesses to keep operating despite the conditions. One technology that has been around but took the spotlight the past year is cloud computing.

The “cloud” is basically storage you can access online. It is widely used by delivery service apps, social media apps, and other apps, with multiple users able to open the same database. When cities were put into lockdown and millions of people were unable to physically go to their offices, companies had to be creative and resourceful for them to continue to operate.

Here are some trends we could see rolling in with the new year.
  1. Virtual Cloud Desktops
Although some companies may already be taking advantage of this technology, others are yet to hop on the trend. However, with remote work becoming increasingly the norm, virtual cloud desktops is set to be more popular this year.

Virtual Cloud Desktops is basically an employee’s whole workstation accessed through the cloud or the internet. This makes it easier to access everything one needs to work across several devices. It will also make it easier to ensure that everyone’s software is up to date and that data is always synchronized. It also makes security management more centralized.
  1. Stronger Personalized Data Security
With easier access to data, stronger security measures must be put in place. New tech companies, as well as tech giants, are coming up with different apps, software, and platforms to offer a centralized and multi-factor authorised password system to maximize security and at the same time, give users a more convenient way to store passwords and gain access to their data in the cloud.
  1. Multi-cloud Approach
Different processes may require different storage systems or sizes. A multi-cloud approach will help businesses customise their cloud solutions to their needs. They can opt to use a public cloud service for things they want to share with clients and a private cloud service for their confidential files. Since, most of the time, a single cloud solution cannot work for each and every process, a lot of businesses might look into having multiple cloud computing systems to better manage their data.
  1. Automated Cloud Optimisation
We can expect several updates and developments for cloud computing systems. This is to ensure that the service will continue to flourish even with heavy usage and customisations. Businesses may opt to have an automated optimisation of their cloud systems especially if they are a company with a lot of employees.
  1. Hyper-scale Data Centers
The demand for storage will continue to grow. The bigger the company, the higher the storage is required to house their data. Not only to house data, but also to ensure that the virtual space is seamless and lag free.

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