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Cats and Tatts

Cats and Tatts
Cassandra Ball | 12-10-16

Are you getting the meowst out of your current I.T provider? 

During the month of October Qbit will provide a FREE I.T Audit for any business owner who signs up for a regular donation during Cat Haven’s Cats and Tatts campaign.

Just like your kitties’ health, your I.T system needs regular check-ups too. We will pinpoint any issues or vulnerabilities within your system, and provide you with a free written audit – in English, no Geek talk.

Cat Haven are also running a competition to win two tickets to the Cat Café Purrth. Send your best photos of your cats and your tattoos, or your best feline tattoo to Lauren. She will post the best entries to their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Plus, sign up for a small regular donation to Cat Haven and you will also be in the running for some fabulous prizes! You can help save a cat’s life with just a $5 a month donation - it’s literally the cost of a cup of coffee. It costs Cat Haven $28 per cat, per day, and regular ongoing donations means that they can plan and budget for the upcoming kitten season, which sees them take in up to 90 cats per day. As you can imagine this incurs huge costs, and relying on donations from the public; this is a fantastic way to help them save more lives.

They also have a very special prize which will be drawn at the end of this month, for the overall best Cat Tatt. The very talented and lovely Tattooist, Animal Advocate and Artist, Shannan Meow, has kindly offered your choice of a $150 tattoo voucher or a cartoon portrait of your cat!

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