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Ubiquity Prism Wifi Network

Ubiquity Prism Wifi Network

Ubiquity Prism Wifi Network

We covered the whole 20 Donga Site with 5 receivers and access points. This has led to massive efficiency gains across the site.

De Grey Mining have been a valued client of Qbit for the last few years. As their success has grown, so has the size of their remote site operations, and the number of people requiring access to data onsite. To facilitate this Qbit deployed the latest technology from Ubiquity to create a large Wi-Fi network across the site and dongas. This facilitated the operational requirements across the site, as well as providing internet access for site workers to communicate with home.



De Grey Mining were in the market for a low-cost, temporary solution for internet around the Wingina Exploration camp. At the time De Grey were not sure how long the camp would be in this location, so they did not want to invest in cabling the whole camp if they did not need too.



Qbit’s research led us to deploying the Ubiquity Prism Wifi Backbone network. This is a relatively new system from Ubiquity.

First we install a broadcast antenna on the main office where the internet connection comes into the camp.

This antenna can broadcast to a receiver that is up to 1.5km away in line of sight.


The receiver then passes the internet and power to what ever device you plug into it. You can also plug-in security cameras or a network switch to supply data to many devices.

Below we have plugged in a Wi-Fi Access Point.


We can put a receiver anywhere in the blue zone.


We also organised the installation of Business Grade Satellite NBN to get Internet to the camp.



We covered the whole 20 Donga Site with 5 receivers and access points. This has led to massive efficiency gains across the site. Also the feed back from the camp has been very positive, with a whole team of site workers now able to access the internet from their rooms. Making for a happier workplace.

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"Qbit are a smart and friendly bunch of IT professionals that we know have our back. Our growth has been rapid, and as a result, we have needed an IT company that can move quickly and knows their stuff. As well as providing a well maintained, secure, and scalable network for our corporate operations in Perth, Qbit has gone the extra mile in sending technical staff out to assess our remote sites of operation. Giving them a thorough understanding of the landscape, so they can provide us with the best available communications, connectivity, and infrastructure solutions to address our specific needs Successful growth requires a well thought out, flexible and scalable, IT strategy. Qbit recognized and factored in De Grey's ambitions from the start and was dynamic enough to bend and flex with the rapid changes happening at De Grey. What has emerged from the last 2 years is a very strong & beneficial partnership between our 2 companies."



Craig Nelmes 

Company Secretary 
De Grey Mining LTD 


Fabio Suffell - Director

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