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After years of battling to control my two girls internet usage, I have finally found a solution that helps me take control, and I would like to share it with you.

FamilyZone is a wireless access point and mobile app that goes on your mobile devices. All your home devices are connected and content is controlled by the wireless access point. When a device leaves the house, the content is controlled by the app on the device.

You register each device to a child, and also setup profiles for each child in the website.

You can control what they can do based on the time of day. Sleep, play, study and school time profiles. This means you can stop them playing games during study times. You can stop them accessing the internet after 8pm.

FamilyZone also tells you when you kids have installed a new app. It sends you FamilyZone’s thoughts on the app and what the kids can do with it.

Here is an example

“Dear Fabio
We're making contact to let you know that a new app has been installed on one of (kids name) devices.
App Review:  PLUS7 allows users to watch episodes regularly aired on 7 as well as providing a live stream of Channel 7. Users do not need to sign up or create an account and can access mature content easily. Features: Video streaming Risks: Mature Content, Screen Time.”

It is hard for parents to keep up. Even being in the IT industry does not mean that I keep up to date with all the new apps that the kids are playing on, and I don’t always see or understand the risks of these apps. Musically is a prime example of an app that looked innocent enough, but within weeks my kids had over 1,000 followers, with some users posting rude content.

Having family zone watching over my kids brings me some comfort.          

Fabio - Director

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