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Aged Care Merger

Aged Care Merger

Aged Care Merger

Throughout September, Qbit worked to merge two Perth Aged Care Companies.

All successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A) come down to one thing: planning. After numerous meetings with management from both establishments, Qbit fashioned a detailed plan that was shared with all stake holders. The plan consisted of collecting data, planning the change over, and notifying and training all staff. 
More often than not, companies engaging in mergers, disregard the I.T. scalability of their new business partner or their current systems. We’re not saying that IT architecture is a good enough reason to sway your plans, but it is important to have a clear idea of how the merger is likely to go. A poorly handled IT integration can endanger the future of a business.
This is why the foundation of all projects is to provide a list of all possible complications. We offer various options so as to avoid these disasters, and work with the client to come up with a solution.
When it came to the migration of emails, we knew how much was at risk. In one night, we had to change the mail flow and migrate all email history off 60 computers, across 5 sites.  We also had to make website variations, changes to email signatures and SharePoint. Qbit assigned one System Engineer to each site. We had a shared migration plan so that management could see how we were tracking, and ensure all tasks were completed.
The next morning, all sites were working with very few problems. The new management were not only pleased with how smoothly the migration had gone, but ecstatic when informed it had been completed 20 hours under budget!
If you’re planning any major changes to your business, give Qbit a call. We will take the time to understand your needs, plan a migration to suit your company, and ensure you have as little downtime as possible.

Fabio - Director

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