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CRN Australia Fast 50 Awards

CRN Australia Fast 50 Awards
Fabio Suffell | 06-12-17

According to CRN Australia, Qbit is the 41st fastest growing ICT company in Australia and 4th in WA!!

We were recently placed in the top 50 fastest growing IT companies in Australia, as awarded by CRN (IT Magazine).  We have managed to achieve this growth through the dedication of our team and clients. During this growth spurt, we have had very few growing pains, and believe we have been able to maintain the high level of support our clients have come to expect from us.

Key factors that led to the top 50 result.

  • The extremely high retention rate of current customers, and we thank you all for your commitment to Qbit

  • 2 large clients completed Mergers and Acquisitions and chose to keep Qbit as their ICT provider

  • Excellent referrals from customers and partners

  • 35 new clients on boarded. Most of those clients chose us over two or three other IT companies that they interviewed

  • The success of our 3cx phone system offering and becoming a provider of phone and internet services

  • The dedication of our staff to providing a high level of support to our customers. Thank you to the whole team but a special mention has to go to Jamie and Matt.

  • We constantly achieve a high Net Promoter Score in excess of 75.

Thank you to all those clients and partners that gave us referrals. They certainly are the reason that we were able to achieve this distinction.  We will continue to focus on Customer Service and Reliable IT as we strongly believe that this is what has helped us achieve this award. However we know that there are always improvements that can be made and your feedback is always appreciated.

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