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Beware of Holiday Phishing Scams

Beware of Holiday Phishing Scams
Demi B | 30-11-20
One click on a legitimate looking email can cost the security of your personal information, or worse, the security of your company’s data.

Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year, especially for IT companies. A lot of emails come in offering different kinds of products and services mostly marketed as gift suggestions. Within the many emails exchanged during this season are scams waiting for their next prey. Scammers see a window of opportunity to strike during times where high volumes of email exchanges happen. It is also easier to disguise scam emails as greeting cards, discount vouchers or other baits that are otherwise typical holiday offers.
What is more alarming is how scammers have become more refined over the years. They lock in their targets through mining social media and websites. They now carefully select their potential victims and personalize their emails to look like the real thing. Sometimes, even the most tech savvy people can fall prey.

Small and medium businesses with weak security systems and IT support are the most vulnerable. Financial cybercrime Detective Acting Inspector Vince Byrnes said that the majority of cyber criminals are not locals. The usual schemes involve selling products or services that do not exist, stealing information, or corrupting files and hardware.

“Never click on a suspicious link, as these links can contain malicious malware that can infect your system to steal your financial and personal data,” said Inspector Byrnes

Businesses must be equipped with proper IT solutions, security and training for employees to protect their data. The best way is to get IT solutions that specifically combat these types of situations.
Qbit Computers is an IT company in Perth that offers business IT solutions and IT support to ensure data protection and security. We offer email protection software to filter out spam and suspicious emails. We conduct anti phishing training sessions for clients’ employees. We also offer data protection services such as the shared responsibility module to maximize the security and avoid data breach.
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