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Best password practices

Best password practices: How to create a Thor strength password

Best password practices: How to create a Thor strength password
Alex Clark | 11-05-17

Over 600,000 businesses experience malware, viruses or Web based attacks, costing an average of $276,323 to business revenue, with 53% of that cost on detection and recovery. In order to not have you spend or lose money, use this guide to take the first step to a safer online experience: Create a strong password.

Don’t make a password easy to crack

For strong passwords that protect your most important information, here are some ways to make your password Thor Strong!!

  1. Use more than 10 Characters
  2. Use numbers, Caps and Special characters (% ,$ ,# )
  3. Don’t use any word used in a dictionary
  4.  Don’t use personal information in the password

Always use two-tier Authentication where possible

Most websites or companies now offer Two Tier authentication, which uses a PIN, password or pattern, sent to a phone or email address. The benefits of using this option means that if someone has your login details, they will also need your phone or fingerprint in order to gain access.

Use Secure Password Levels

Password Level   


Type of Website/Service



  • Banking 
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Website Management



  • Websites that don't hold confidential information

Use a Password Manager

Having to remember 100’s of passwords is no easy task. Why not have someone else manage that securely, instead of writing all your passwords in an Excel or Word notepad for anyone to see. Here are two recommended and easy to setup password managers :


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