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Being in one of the most isolated cities in the world has its advantages

Being in one of the most isolated cities in the world has its advantages
Fabio Suffell | 28-02-20

Living in one of the most isolated cities in the world has its advantages, but we still need to be personally and business-ready if things take a turn for the worse with the Coronavirus. A virologist Professor Ian Mackay is recommending that Australians have a reserve of two weeks of food at home and toilet paper and other essential supplies. Click here to read the story.  So how do we get our Business ready for this besides stocking up on Toilet paper and Coffee?

On the 26th of February Qbit held a Coronavirus readiness meeting and here are the outcomes of that meeting. 

Supply of ICT equipment

Purchasing has already seen delivery times on new equipment blow out from 1 to 4 weeks, the options/variety have significantly reduced, there are two reasons for this, one is a shortage of CPU’s from December and now the Coronavirus.   

Qbit Response to the shortage 

Qbit has ordered 40 Workstation and 20 Laptops, eta three weeks  

Recommended Customer Response 

If you are a large organisation or in Healthcare, then we recommend purchasing a spare desktop or laptop. If you have a machine that is playing up, make a fast decision to replace it. 
Order extra toners, paper and other consumables 


How will our companies run if we are quarantined, 780 million people in China have been so it is not that unrealistic.  Qbit will not be able to make over 2000 staff remote workers overnight, so it is recommended that you are prepared. Like insurance, we all hope we never have to use it but when you need it, it is a lifesaver.  

Qbit Response 

Most Qbit staff have laptops and internet connections at home, they have headsets and can answer the phones so they can remote support you from their home to most likely your home. 
It is unlikely that we will be allowed to do onsite support, so any breakdowns or roll outs will have to wait.

Recommended Customer Response 

Qbit recommends that you look at your company’s staff ability to work from home, 
You may wish to put staff into categories from extremely important that they can work, to would be nice if they can work. 
Then call and talk to your account manager at Qbit to discuss your options for remote working. 

Is it Flu or Coronavirus? 

If you get the common cold are you going to have to stay home for two weeks till you know if you have the flu or Coronavirus. 

Qbit Response 

Qbit has made flu shots free to all staff, we have all booked in and are waiting for the release of the flu vaccine, Qbit is deploying hand sanitiser to all offices. 

Recommended Customer Response 

We recommend you do the same and give Australian Vaccine Services a call on 1800 358 822 
I hope I can look back at this article and think that was a waste of time.  Keep safe.

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