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Behind the Scenes  at Qbit during Covid-19

Behind the Scenes  at Qbit during Covid-19
Fabio Suffell | 02-06-20

In our last Newsletter we were asking people to get personal and business ready to work from home. To be honest we thought we were being a bit dramatic. However, things, as we all know, got very serious very quickly. The 20 Laptops that we had brought into stock went like hotcakes, luckily we have strong relationships with our suppliers and were able to leverage them to order another 20 laptops which were also soon snapped up. We then hit shortages of anything to do with working from home. Webcams, Laptops, Headsets, Conferencing Equipment.

We then had a lot of equipment to set up and get out to clients as quickly as possible. clients had ordered this equipment from us and needed it desperately so they could be productive from home. Our workshop engineers Devante, Akeela and Jordan worked late into the night a few night nights in a row to set up all this equipment. Their amazing effort meant that we were able to deliver the new equipment out to clients within a few days of it being ordered.  

While this was going on our main engineers we're dealing with an extraordinary amount of calls. On an average day at Qbit, we have about 70 calls to the engineers that more than doubled to about 150 calls plus emailed in tickets. During this, I was so proud of the teamwork from the Qbit team that pulled together and ensured that the customer's issues were resolved as quickly as possible and that can be seen in the very low wait times for calls to be answered.  

A few of our customers had to wait to get set up to work remotely, however, we did not get any complaints and all clients were patient and understood the extreme workload that the engineers were put under so suddenly and for that, we would like to thank you all for your understanding.  

Luckily many of our clients were already using a lot of cloud services including 3cx Phone system and Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams. However, we still deployed a few 3cx phone system during this period to enable clients to answer work calls from home and transfer them to other staff who were also working from home.  

We had to pause a couple of projects to free up engineers times and we would like to thank the customers whose projects we paused for their understanding during these difficult times.  

We also had a few challenges with one of the engineer's wives coming in close contact with someone with Covid-19 and another one of the engineers family returning from Bali. My parents were also making a mad dash across the country in their caravan and had to quarantine once they got home. Then it hit home when Matt Saunders mother who was in a nursing home in England passed away from Covid-19. It was a terrible situation because he could not go to the funeral. Our deepest condolences Matt.  

Things have been returning to normal at Qbit. We are back out doing health checks where customers will allow and we are very serious about social distancing and handwashing and sanitizing.  

Most of our clients have returned to work and everyone that I talk to seem to be upbeat and thinking that we are so lucky that we live in Western Australia. My hat goes off to all levels of government who have handled this with professionalism, empathy and leadership. Once again we can call ourselves the lucky country.  

From everyone at Qbit, we hope that you and your family are all well and your business is returning to normal.

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