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Simply Energy Scam Email

Simply Energy Scam Email
Matt Saunders | 30-10-15

You are advised to be wary of scam emails purporting to be customer bills from Simply Energy.

The energy retailer issued a statement this week advising of a hoax email from unknown sources and recommended recipients delete the email without opening any attachments or clicking on any links.

‘If you receive an email from Simply Energy relating to an account other than your own, please delete the email,’ the statement says.

According to WA Scamnet, the hoax email appears legitimate as it is presented in a professional layout and incorporates the company logo. The email has the subject line ‘Your Simply Energy eBill’ with an attached file named ‘Energy Billing Details…’ The attachment may contain malware which could compromise the recipient’s computer and enable an attacker to lock away files until a ransom is paid, gain access to personal or financial details, or undertake other malicious activity.

In addition, the email includes buttons saying ‘pay now’ and ‘billing history’. These buttons may direct recipients to a fake website incorporating malware that may also provide an attacker with unauthorised access to the compromised computer.

Simply Energy customers are encouraged to call their Customer Service Centre number on 13 88 08 if they have any concerns. 

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