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Backups of backups of backups

Backups of backups of backups
M.Fairfield | 07-04-16

Everyone knows the benefits of having regular backups of your data, but have you given some thoughts to backups of your backups?

Initially this may sound like madness. Where do you stop? Backups of Backups of Backups of Backups? But there are some very sound reasons to making regular secondary backups that are stored at a separate location to your main business.
Most businesses have their primary backup location in very close proximity to their main servers, either in the same cabinet or room, or even directly connected. This is great for speed of backup and restore of the occasional missing or corrupt file, but what happens if something more serious happens?
In the case of major fire or flooding there is a very real possibility that not only will the server with all your data will destroyed, but so will all of the backups. Even worse, recent versions of the well-known Cryptolocker virus are now actively seeking out and encrypting backups as well as your original documents. Faced with such a massive loss of data many companies will simply not survive long.
But imagine that all that critical data is safely stored somewhere on the other side of the city. Fire, flood and viruses can do their worst and you will still be able to recover and carry on with business.
There are two main methods of offsite backup that Qbit employs. The first of these is a series of drives that contain a copy of your most recent backup that are swapped over at the end of the day and taken to an offsite facility.
Having a series of drives offsite not only makes it easier to restore from, but also gives you a form of limited history retention as at any one time there should be several days/weeks’ worth of drives stored offsite.
The second method of offsite backup available is through Qbit's Datakeeper Cloud Backup solution.  A small program is installed on any servers requiring backing up and every night your data is safely backed up to the Qbit Cloud.
This method has several advantages over the first option described. Because this happens automatically there isn’t a burden placed on one person to remember to swap a drive every night and take it home. Additionally, Datakeeper offers years of retention, making it possible to recover documents from much further back.
If you would like to know more about Offsite Backups or even backups and disaster recovery please contact Qbit on (08) 6364 0600.

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