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Avoid social media scams this holiday season

Avoid social media scams this holiday season
Cassandra Ball | 22-12-15

You are advised to be careful of social media scams this holiday season. Scammers may use popular social media websites to run fake campaigns appealing for contributions to support the needy and disadvantaged.

These fake campaigns may include links to legitimate-looking websites that provide details for you to make a payment. However, any contributions you make are likely to go directly into the pockets of the scammers themselves.

These websites may also harvest your personal and financial details for criminal gain, or host malicious software (malware) that is then installed on your computer.

If you are considering making a contribution to a charity, Stay Smart Online recommends you do so using the official websites of registered, reputable charity organisations.

If you are all doubtful about a social media post soliciting financial contributions, you may report it to the social media website using tools that it provides.

Staying safe

Make your charity contributions through legitimate websites. If you are unsure about a social media post or website, contact the relevant charity organisation using a number obtained from its website or the phone book.

Do not provide your credit card or personal details to anyone or any website you do not trust completely. 

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