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An old scam returns

An old scam returns
Iain | 10-04-19

This week we have seen the return of an old favourite - the extortion scam email.
There are a number of "flavours" to this scam, but the general format remains the same across all of them:

The user receives an email that appears to be from their own email address while the subject line is usually just the user's name.

The body of the email claims to be from a hacker who compromised an adult website that the user has visited - while remaining deliberately vague with details.

The hacker goes on to claim that they have infected the user's computer and used screen capture software and the user's own webcam to create a video montage of the user's behaviour and the content on the adult website.

The hacker then demands $1000US in bitcoin or else they will send the video to everyone on the user's contact list.

The deliberate vagueness of the details of the email often lets the user draw their own conclusions about what website they may or may not have visited and ended up being very costly.

In truth, the entirety of this email is a hoax.

The email appears to come from the user but is in fact "spoofed" or falsified using one of a variety of methods - all of which can be seen easily by inspecting the full message header and revealing it has originated in another country.

This latest version is even more obviously a fake as the text of the email isn't even text, the perpetrator has simply taken an image of a previous scam and copied the image into the body of the email.

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