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Account Managers – What are they Good for…

Account Managers – What are they Good for…
Fabio Suffell | 21-02-20

Qbit has three account managers, Guy, Jaydan and Jeff, they are a resource that we encourage you to use. Our account managers are like your internal IT manager and we encourage you to use them as such.

These are some of the tasks they perform for you

  • They check your Health Checks and create your IT management plan, this is a time-consuming job but it allows them to keep your companies IT in a Healthy state reducing the chance of downtime.
  • Make recommendations based on the health check
  • Check your companies IT security and make recommendations

The above are completed for free as you are a valued Qbit customer, if you need more help with your IT the following services can also be supplied by Qbit. 

CIO (Chief Information Officer) services, which include spending time in your business to help you get the most out of your current IT systems or recommend systems to help your business run more efficiently.  If you need help in this area please let your account manager.  

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