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ANZ Unread Notification Email Scam

ANZ Unread Notification Email Scam
Cassandra Ball | 19-05-16

The following email is a scam – they are phishing for your online banking log in information. 

It is targeted at major Australian / New Zealand bank ANZ. There are a number of points to consider when identifying it as a fake. Keep reading to find out more and remember to delete this email if received.

The below image shows the email scam attempt received by Qbit staff this morning. The subject line reads “ANZ: You have 1 notification” and the sender is shown as “no-reply”. The phishers are using PWC Australia as their email address; “”. The email is in no way related to PWC Australia. 

Email example

Some points to consider when identifying this email as a scam:

  • Lack of personal greeting

  • Irrelevant sender email address

  • Unrelated destination URL (you will notice that the URL is http//

  • Irrelevant sender email address

If you are ever unsure of an email, contact Qbit straight away.

Your computer can be infected with a click of a button. This email is phishing for your log in information which can be extremely dangerous if they succeed. As usual, delete this email immediately if received and inform your bank!

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