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AFP Traffic Infringement scam

AFP Traffic Infringement scam
Cassandra Ball | 12-05-15

This email scam looks legitimate and contains AFP branding – but will cripple your computer.

If you receive this email DO NOT OPEN IT!

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is urgently warning the public of an email scam currently circulating throughout Australia and internationally that requests payment for a bogus AFP Traffic Infringement Notice.

The scam email initially asks the recipient to pay an ‘AFP fine’ of approximately $150. If links within the message are clicked, the recipient’s computer is infected with malware which renders it inoperable.
Ransomware is then installed and activated on the recipients’ computer, who is then asked to pay thousands of dollars to reactivate the computer.

If you receive this email DO NOT OPEN IT! Keep in mind that the AFP never sends out traffic infringement notices via email.

If you receive this email call Qbit​ immediately on (08) 6364 0600.  Worst case scenario we are able to restore your computer and remove the ransomware. 

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