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6 Benefits of a Business Server

6 Benefits of a Business Server
Cassandra Ball | 10-05-18

Your server is the pillar of your business. It’s the heart of your company that other computers in a network can connect to, allowing access to applications and data. 

As more of your day to day life moves digital, with many users connecting via multiple devices, you leave yourself open to disorder. Ideally, a business with 2 or more employees should be looking at using a server. Setting up your network while the business is still small allows you to create procedures and prepare for growth.

Servers play a critical role in any IT network and perform a number of essential tasks.

When does your business need to add a server?

  • Are you using two or more computers?
  • Do you find your computers are getting slower and slower?
  • Do you and your employees share files and information?
  • Do you have any employees running specialty software?
  • Have you had a data scare?

If you answered ’yes’ to any of these questions, then you should strongly consider the benefits a server can provide. If you currently connect to a peer-to-peer network, you might see some problems with resource sharing and lost data due to viruses or spyware, or you may even experience intermittent internet problems. Any one of these can affect how your small business performs.

1. Data Security & Backups

We can’t stress this enough, your data security is one of the most important assets of your business. Data Loss is up 400% since 2012, and it’s purely due to businesses lack of preparation. With proper security, backups and a DR plan, even if you are hit with ransomware you can get your business back up and running without having to pay the ransom or, more importantly, loose days or months of data.

2. Centralization of Data and Folder Permissions

Managing a large group of employees would be daunting if you had to manually change and edit each user’s permissions. Through Roles, you can define what a user can and can’t do within the database. All files are stored in one centralized secure location, making it easy for staff to access files and maintaining organization.  If files are saved on individual computers, storage can become disjointed. If the hard drive on that computers dies, all the data will be lost.

3. Remote Access

Working remotely is becoming more common among Australian organizations. Having the ability to work on work-related jobs outside the office has advantages for both the employee and the organization. By providing remote access to your server, your employees are able to catch up on workloads or even work on jobs between meetings rather than driving all the way back to the office.

4. Proactive Monitoring

Network monitoring software provides peace of mind that your IT systems are running efficiently. Our intelligent software proactively observers your systems and often picks up problems before they arise. This means that IT support is preemptive, not reactive.

5. Previous File Versions (Data Recovery)

Data recovery is different to backups. Backups generally only hold a certain retention of data (say 7 days back). For example, if you are hacked on a Friday afternoon, but don’t find out until Monday morning, you could restore your files from the Thursday morning, only losing 1 day of data.
Data Recovery holds your data for much longer, in fact, as far back as you need it to. If you notice that a folder is missing and you know the correct folder was last accessed 6 months ago, we would be able to restore just that folder. Data recovery is essential for businesses that are required to keep client information for multiple years, such a medical or accounting records.

6. Simplified Management

When working on a server, it is much easier and cost-effective to roll out software updates or make changes across the network, compared to having an office of desktops running autonomously. If you have users working autonomously, software updates and changes must be implemented one machine at a time.

Server vs Desktops Infographic
Servers are the unsung heroes of the corporate computing environment, working behind the scenes to help get the maximum benefit from the computers we use every day. Before investing in server hardware, you need to consider applications, storage, processor, form factor, and more to help you choose wisely. Qbit work with you from the initial fact-finding meeting, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support.

We offer a free IT audit that will access your current systems. Contact us to book your free consult with our server specialist, who will go through the results of the audit, explaining where your company is doing great, and how you could improve your systems.

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