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5 reasons you should update your I.T. Infrastructure in 2017

5 reasons you should update your I.T. Infrastructure in 2017
Fabio Suffell | 07-02-17

Looking for reasons to update your IT insfrastructure? Qbit has all the answers for you.

1.Your network is way too slow!

Slow networks create inefficiency and frustration in the work place. If you have an older system it is most likely that you are dealing with this problem on a daily basis. You really should be aiming for a loading time of less than four seconds. If your network is taking longer than this then you are in desperate need for an upgrade!

2.Your employees need remote access

If your employees want the flexibility of working from anywhere then a cloud upgrade is your answer! This is especially for organisations needing to grow geographically. A few other benefits are lower equipment cost, increase storage and third party maintenance which is usually included in the service. Whether your business comprises of only two, three or a hundred PCs, this upgrade could be very beneficial to your business in 2017.

3.Your security is not good enough

Security issues alone could be the most important reason to update your infrastructure. Don’t leave your business exposed to security threats! Make sure you are covered by keeping you systems updated with the highest security level. It is better to handle this situation ahead of time instead of after a crisis hits. At Qbit we can assess your level information security and privacy issues which can put the organization at risk. From here we give the steps that you need to upgrade so that you stay 100% protected.

4.There is too much maintenance time

If your IT person is spending too much time just maintaining your infrastructure then you are in desperate need for an upgrade. The dollars that you spend up front will for than pay off and you want to keep these maintenance hours to an absolute minimum.

5.You are no longer compatible with other technologies

If you don’t keep up other systems will surpass what you are currently running. This can make it hard for your business to innovate and stay on top of its game. Don’t let your competitors take advantage of this and leave you in the dust.

Qbit prides itself on not simply conveying great client benefit, but actually following through. If you think it is time for an upgrade give us a call and we will evaluate your IT situation for free.

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