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5 reasons to upgrade your business server

5 reasons to upgrade your business server
Cassandra Ball | 08-10-18

Outdated IT equipment can have severe effects on your business. It can leave you open to security risks, data corruption, productivity loss and poor professional image. 

Keeping up with advancements in technology is arguably just as important to your business as having reliable staff or a great product. 

Here are some points that highlight the importance of upgrading IT systems in the workplace:

1. Better Security 

In January 2020 Microsoft will retire the support for many operating systems, from then onwards they will no longer receive critical updates when security holes are found.  Retiring operating systems include Server 2008, 2008R2, Small Business Server 2011 and Windows 7. 

Not only are security risks a prominent danger of older technology, outdated equipment and servers can cause severe data corruption or loss, and are prone to crashes, costing a company both time and money to remedy. Newer technology gives us better control over the security of your environment. With centralised password control, better security of data and management of users, you’re able to protect your businesses from ominous attacks. 

2. Server performance declines as costs increase 

On average, server performance reduces by 14% annually. This means that by the time your server is 5 years old, it only has 40% of the performance it had when it was new! Upgrades may sound expensive, but the truth is that older systems will have more issues and require extra love and care. Lowered performance and higher failure rates increase unplanned downtime by 20% annually. 


3. Business Growth & Compatibility 

As your business grows you need to consider your system's capabilities. If you grow from 5 staff to 15 in a year, is your server prepared to scale with you? The right technology solution will support your current business needs, while also allowing for future growth. 


4. Increase staff efficiency and reduce costs

Modern servers improve the efficiency of your staff through new technology. Working away from the office? Need multiple staff working on the same file? Want to automate and centralise your procedures? Not a problem. A modern server can reduce energy and cooling costs, space requirements (onsite or in the cloud), maintenance time and licensing costs. 


5. Warranties

The average life cycle of a server is 5 years, and generally speaking, warranties expire after 3 to 5 years. Once past a certain age, the risk of server failure increases, along with the labour and parts cost to fix it. Server failures can cause large down time and massive productivity loss. Although daunting, a new server is often more economical than extending the service contract on an old system. 

How Qbit can help

Upgrading your IT infrastructure is not a small decision. You need to make sure you’re partnering with someone that will take into consideration your business’s needs as a whole, not just the hardware sale. Qbit is experienced in both onsite hardware and cloud solutions so we will always do what is best for the client.   Qbit has over 15 years’ experience offering solutions to businesses across varied industries. Pick up the phone (08 6364 0600) or flick us an email, we’re only a moment away. 

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