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Peer Support & Learning For Business Owners

​Peer support and peer learning for business owners

​Peer support and peer learning for business owners
Mark Jackson | 14-03-17

It is a disturbing fact that most small businesses fail. Too often when the owner simply has had enough (or can’t work anymore), they walk away with very little to show for the sacrifice.

Wolfpack is a profit-for-purpose organisation dedicated to improving small businesses through-out the world. It is primarily for the owners of small businesses who also work in/on their business and aim to grow.

Wolfpack puts groups of 8 non-competing business owners together to peer-learn, peer-support, process challenges, test strategies, generate ideas etc. The groups meet once per week in a highly confidential environment to help each other.

Uniquely, the meetings are entirely held by video conference. You don’t leave your desk (or anywhere else you might be) – so there is no travelling, parking, waiting and so on. You still see your whole group on the screen at once. You also have a monthly 1-to-1 with the group’s mentor, an experienced business person.

A Wolfpack meeting is not just ‘tea and sympathy’. The founders are experienced Chairs from the largest, oldest CEO peer-mentoring organisation in the world. They have taken their wealth of experience and re-engineered it for an on-line, focused and efficient experience. The evidence clearly shows the results – businesses where the boss engages in a Wolfpack-type group grow, on average, three times faster than their competitors.

Wolfpack has a free video blog with content designed specifically to address the challenges of business owners. You can subscribe from Wolfpack’s website. If you wish to be considered for a “pack” as they call it, first your name is run by the existing members. If there are no objections, you are told who the members are and invited to join.

To find out more, check out the Wolfpack website.

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