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$20,000 reward for software piracy

$20,000 reward for software piracy
Fabio Suffell | 27-05-16

Software vendor representative body BSA The Software Alliance has awarded an informant $20,000 for dobbing in a West Australian metalwork company for using pirated software.

The company was forced to pay $100,000 for the software, as well as purchase legitimate copies of the software licenses from Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft. The company was not named.

In 2015 a study conducted by global research firm IDC found that the higher the unlicensed software rate in a country, the more malware generally encountered on PCs in that country. The implication for governments, enterprises and end users is clear: eliminating unlicensed software on their networks could help reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents.

“With the influx of personal devices into the workplace, security risks and business vulnerabilities in terms of securing critical systems are continuing to increase.” said Roland Chan, Senior Director, Compliance Programs – Asia-Pacific.

Last month, BSA quadrupled the maximum incentive for people to report the use of unlicensed software by Australian businesses from $5,000 to $20,000.

Western Australia was hit with a third of the 15 piracy cases settled by BSA in 2015. According to BSA, the majority of offenders were manufacturing companies.

“With cybercrime rising in Australia, it’s now more crucial than ever for organisations to introduce a formal policy on licensed software use to create the best possible security to protect them from infringement and cyber-theft.” said Roland Chan.

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This article originally appeared at CRN.

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