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How did they get my password? Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 14-09-20

How did they get my password?

It’s Monday morning and I have sat down at my PC and started going through my emails and checking voice mails on my office phone system when I come across this email.  The English is excellent and the only give away to it being a scam is the email address. 

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Coronavirus Scams Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 30-08-20

Coronavirus Scams

The scammers are at it again, using the latest big news event, Coronavirus, to scam millions out of Australian’s.  Scam watch has received over 4,000 scam reports with over 3 million in losses. 

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Find out if your password is secure in 5 easy steps Teaser
William D' Castro | 17-08-20

Find out if your password is secure in 5 easy steps

It’s Monday morning. You sit at your computer with your coffee. You type in your password to log into your computer. Your password is secure because you have a capital letter, a lower-case letter, a number and possibly a special character. You’re at ease because you’re secure. But really, are you...

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Contacts, who needs em? Teaser
Matthew Brace | 30-07-20

Contacts, who needs em?

As winter settles in and claims its territory, I find myself pondering over one of life’s greatest digital questions. Digital contacts, how important are they really?  What if you offered incorrect advice in regard to deleting an email account from a mobile phone?  What if this advice caused the ...

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Two Factor Authentication Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 30-07-20

Two Factor Authentication

 Would you like to never have to change your password again? Well the IT recommendation on password changing has changed.  IT departments have finally realised that if we keep making you change your password, you will write it down and stick it to your monitor. 

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Behind the Scenes  at Qbit during Covid-19 Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 02-06-20

Behind the Scenes  at Qbit during Covid-19

In our last Newsletter we were asking people to get personal and business ready to work from home. To be honest we thought we were being a bit dramatic. However, things, as we all know, got very serious very quickly. The 20 Laptops that we had brought into stock went like hotcakes, luckily we hav...

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Cohesis Teaser
Simon Cohen | 28-05-20


They say People are the lifeblood of every business. But in these challenging times, businesses and people alike have had to rely on an increasing number of systems and collaboration tools.  

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Being in one of the most isolated cities in the world has its advantages Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 28-02-20

Being in one of the most isolated cities in the world has its advantages

Living in one of the most isolated cities in the world has its advantages, but we still need to be personally and business-ready if things take a turn for the worse with the Coronavirus. A virologist Professor Ian Mackay is recommending that Australians have a reserve of two weeks of food at home...

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