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Our Partners

Our Partners

Qbit’s services ties all these vendors together to ensure you’re working with your IT, not fighting it.


Still the largest software company in the world, we are certified with Microsoft to better assist us in helping you get the most out of your Microsoft software. Be it the familiar Office Business applications, Windows workstations and servers, or the “engine room' software so many businesses are reliant on, we can support you with any Microsoft queries.


Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard is undeniably the largest and most successful hardware vendor in the world. HP makes everything from the home entertainment computer right through to data centres and battery backups. We promote HP as the premier solution for customers that want to minimise their vendors. HP is the most proficient company in being able to supply you with the majority of you IT needs from one vendor.


Including but not limited to specialising in security routers, SonicWall provides a managed router solution that you are not only protected against the majority of known attacks, but can maximise your internet connection bandwidth with content filtering and reporting. If you want to monitor staff access and duration to particular websites, this is the vendor to invest in.


VMWare are the people that made virtualisation mainstream and everyone else has been trying to catch up ever since. Instead of having multiple physical servers running all your line of business applications, VMWare consolidates onto minimal hardware resulting in cost reduction. Additional savings can be made in power and cooling costs.


As Dell Premier Partners we can ensure your selection of servers, workstations and SonicWALL’s are right the first time, preconfigured to your requirements and supported by Dell’s great on-site warranty.



Modern hosted PABX that will bring your desk phone into the 21st century, with features that have to been seen to be believed.

Internet Service Providers
Having a wide range of partners in this space is important. Depending on your office location different providers can offer different services. Qbit’s partners are TPG, AAPT, Vocus, Amnet, and iiNet.

Dell D-Link  
 Being a D-Link Partner enables us to offer a complete range of networking solutions at an affordable price for your business. 


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