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Server Specialists

Managed Services

Server Specialists

Qbit manage an excess of 1,700 computers for our clients. We specialise in the implementation and support of Windows Essentials Server for small businesses as well as Windows Server and Exchange for larger companies.

If your company is currently running on a Peer to Peer network with no server, some of the benefits of a server are:

  • Synchronising emails, contacts, and appointments between devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablet computers
  • Better security of data
  • Centralised password control
  • Managed backups with data all in one location

Qbit can design and implement a system that best suits your needs. From a small system to a 200 user site with multiple offices over different states or countries, we can use a combination of cloud and onsite servers in order to find the right solution.

We install, maintain and guarantee every product and service we provide. For more information contact the Qbit Team.

Managed IT Services

Qbit is a progressive Information Technology company that specialises in the IT requirements for Small to Medium businesses in Perth. Qbit has made investing in the latest technology a priority to ensure that we provide a competitive service. We believe in automating as much as possible, whilst still keeping our service personable in order to deliver systems that are running smoothly and efficiently.
Managed Services operates on a fixed rate that has all your equipment managed by a sole service provider. In comparison, a break fix model from an IT provider will cost you money every time your system malfunctions or is inoperative, resulting in higher fees for your business and more income for the IT company. Here at Qbit, it’s in our best interest to ensure your system and service operates as optimally as possible, ensuring our goals as your comprehensive IT service provider is in line with your business goals.
Qbits Managed Services includes the following services and products for each server, work station and user under management:



  • Class leading Anti-Spam
  • Monitored Anti-Virus
  • Monitored Firewall*
  • User internet usage reports*
  • Monitored Anti-Malware for each windows work station

Data Protection

  • Choice of two backup solutions for each server
  • Monthly file test restore
  • Six monthly full disaster recovery test at Qbit’s data centre


  • Network plan created and updated regularly
  • Quarterly IT performance meetings
  • Monthly system report on each server and the IT environment
  • Vendor Management


  • Unlimited phone support from 7:30am to 5pm WA business days
  • Onsite support when required
  • Dedicated primary and secondary technician
  • Priority support
  • Labour to replace hardware
  • Discounted out of scope labour


  • Management of your domain names
  • Management of your DNS
  • Fully managed websites
  • Internet access consultation
  • Managed telephone systems*
  • Remote access control

Wrap up

  • Qbit breaks down your invoices into a single monthly invoice giving you a predictable IT budget reducing your management time.

IT Support Perth

Spending more time fixing your computers than actually working isn’t ideal for any business. Take advantage of Qbits advanced remote management systems and leave all the technological issues to us. We guarantee to get you back to work faster, leaving you and your staff time to get on with the work that is core to your business. The money you would lose by investing time on technology malfunctioning can be better invested in a reliable IT service provider, ultimately leading to an overall profit for your business.
Qbit has developed technologies that enable us to see computer problems before they arise. Because of this specialised monitoring system, more often than not, we can avert a disaster before it becomes critical. This means you can plan any repairs or maintenance to suit you, prior to the incident. We understand there is nothing worse than having a computer system fail just as a critical deadline is approaching.

Qbit offers 3 plans

  1. Qbit Smarts: Perfect for the home office that does not need much support, but likes to know they have a professional team they can call on at any time.
  • Qbit Smarts uses our advanced remote management system to monitor your systems; when human intervention is needed you pay per hour.
  1. Service Bank: Perfect for the small office with under 10 people, or companies that have a dedicated person on site to look after their IT, but want the security of a professional company to back them up.
  • Uses our advanced Qbit Smarts remote management system and you pre buy hours at 18% less than our standard labour rate.
  • We work out on average how many hours you use and that, with the payment for Qbit Smarts is deducted via direct debt every month. The labour credit goes into your service bank and time is deducted from that as it is used.
  • You get a reconciliation report every month showing what was used and what is left.
  • Unused labour last for 12 months.
  1. Managed Services: Perfect for companies of any size that want to have their IT professionally managed by an IT team.
  • Uses advanced remote management system and fixed labour cost.
  • Tell us how many workstations and servers your company has and we keep you running at a fixed cost.
  • Not only do you get a fixed price for all you can eat helpdesk support, your incident is given the highest priority.

No matter what plan you choose you still receive Exceptional Service delivered by the same dedicated team.

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