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Teletrac Navman Wireless

Teletrac Navman - Easy Advanced Integrated

Qbit have partnered with Teletrac Navman Wireless to provide you with the leading Fleet Management Solutions that can enhance your business productivity, improve driver safety and reduce costs.

The Teletrac Navman Wireless GPS Fleet Management Solution provides companies of all industries and sizes with cost-effective, real-time access to fleet and asset information.

Monitor your vehicles

  • Utilise reports to monitor vehicle usage and driver behaviour 
  • Track your fleet routes, idle time, & fuel usage

Improve customer service

  • Identify where your vehicles are in seconds and provide more accurate ETAs
  • Use reporting to generate accurate to the minute timesheets and invoicing

Keep your drivers safe

  • Gain visibility into vehicle utilisation and manage driver behaviour to mitigate risk
  • Identify vehicle location in and out of network coverage

Teletrac Navman Wireless Australia is a GPS Fleet Management company that is 100% focused on business fleets and delivers unparalleled product quality. Teletrac Navman Wireless is the market leader in Australasia with offices located in Australia and New Zealand, tracking over 45,000 vehicles.

How it worksHow it works

  1. The Qube or Qtanium in the vehicle provides its position via GPS Satellite
  2. Information is transmitted between the vehicle and the Telco via a wireless cellular or satellite communication
  3. The Telco manages communication between the vehicle and Teletrac Navman Wireless
  4.  Information is securely transferred through the internet
  5. You monitor the information in real time on your computer or mobile device 


Teletrac Navman Wireless Australia are a global leader in the GPS-based fleet tracking and management solution industry. Their services revolve around providing companies with the ability and devices to monitor and measure equipment and vehicle data in trucks, telematics, vehicles, mining & construction.

Teletrac Navman’s vehicle tracking, two-way messaging and integrated satellite navigation systems are improving the margins of more than 14,000 customers across four continents by reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving customer service and providing peace of mind.

To hear more about how your business could benefit from the Teletrac Navman Fleet Management solution, contact Qbit for a no obligation demonstration.